Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday Updates!

I think that I told you that I had been working on several projects.  I have three flimsies and one woven table topper.

Scrappy Baby Quilt

Quilt of Valor

Single Irish Chain (Whitewashed Cottage)

Woven Table Topper
I will be off to Eastern Oregon tomorrow to play golf, sew no work on projects until Thurs or Fri.  Until then, sew long!!


  1. Love all of them, Sandy. Have a good time in Eastern Oregon.

  2. Help...can you send link to the "valor" quilt. Loved it!

  3. I like all of your projects. I wish I could play golf with you. My husband is teaching me to play but it's a slow process. I like to play but I'm a fair weather golfer....I live in Texas and don't like to play in the hot, hot weather. Have fun and enjoy Oregon too.

  4. Just picked up two quilts that Sandy machine quilted for me. She did an excellent job. Use of various detail that goes really well with the blocks. Excellent job!! Thanks