Saturday, February 18, 2012

I played 18 holes of golf this morning in 30+ mph  winds.  Phew!  Before I left home, I cut the fabrics for a froggie baby quilt.  I have now finished stitching it together and am piecing the backing.  It is too cute!

PS  It has now been quilted and the binding sewn on!


  1. Eighteen holes and a quilt in one day--------I call that a good day. Hugs

  2. It is indeed 'too cute'. Love the frogs!

    So Sandy's people know, she gets up before dawn during the week and on weekends also. She accomplishes alot before I get out of bed. She probably had a 7:00 tee time.

    When I get up that early I nap the day away and get nothing done.

    Just have to love her.


  3. Great collection of colors, great quilt!


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