Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's raining, so I am not going to play golf.  Instead, I am going to be binding one big quilt, and four little quilts.  Yes, I have been doing a little quilting this past week.  If I get my binding done, I will finish a mini quilt for a swap!  Don't know what's for supper.  But, I will figure out something.  Got any good recipes?

PS  I should mention that the big quilt is Jen's and one of the small quilt is made of clipped corners of blocks for her quilt.  Pics when finished!!

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  1. i've been quilting a bit too, which is amazing because i've had horrible neck/upper back pain. i'm working through it and it's keeping me busy. the only thing is that i have no one to give the quilts too. i'm currently working on a baby quilt, for who