Monday, February 20, 2012

I played 18 holes of golf yesterday, came home and stitched up a quilt and was called into work at 6 pm.  Naturally, I took some fabric and my sewing machine with me.  I cut fabric for two quilts but only completed one.  I so ran out of gas about 1 am!  I got home about 5 am and went to bed.  The dogs woke me up once to play, I yelled at them and went back to sleep until 10 am.  Once I had downed a couple of cups of coffee, I went downstairs and quilted for awhile.  Here is the finished baby quilt from last night.  I used Barbara Jones "Doll Babies".



Close up of one block!
I'm thinking of an early bed time tonight!  I have tipped my pop over twice in the last five minutes.  I think it's time to put the sewing machine away for the day!

I also mailed off my mini quilt for the Mini Swap, and forgot to take a picture!


  1. Gorgeous baby quilt!!!!!!!! You do fantastic work.

  2. Your a human quilting machine, don't know how you do it. Great baby quilt.

  3. I love this sweet little quilt!