Friday, December 28, 2012

Fun Day Thursday

I had a long day yesterday.  Was up at five and left the house at seven for the three hour drive to Wenatchee to the Gamill Repairman Andrew.  (Andrew's Vac and Sew).  He did a marvelous job on my machine.  But, I didn't get to head home until 4 pm.  I hate driving in the dark especially on a two lane road with lots of traffic.  Thank the lord that it was not icy or snowing!  I got home about 6:45 pm, took a shower and crashed in my chair for an hour and then off to bed.

This morning I did my chores, got groceries and came home and quilted for three hours.  It was fun and easy on a machine that works great.  I finished up several little projects, and loaded my "Starry Eyes" onto the machine.

Before leaving the house I fit into a size smaller pair of jeans!  I am not dieting but have cut down all all the bad carbs out there.  I got a box of my favorites, "See's Nuts and Chews" for Christmas and it is still sealed!!

We still have snow on the greens at the golf course, so I will be sewing and quilting for the next several days.  See you later!


  1. A smooth running machine makes life much nicer! Bliss!

  2. Good for you Sandy, starting off 2013 in a size smaller jeans. I'm afraid I will pay on the scale with my Christmas snacking. Glad your Gammel is up and running. Hugs

  3. Happy sewing Sandy... I start my food change today...I need to lose my weight I gained over thanksgiving and Christmas!!! Happy New Year!!!

  4. Wow, what a long day trip...happy you had decent driving weather. Your machine is probably working the best it ever has. We all can use a good tune up periodically.
    Love those little pieced hearts.


  5. A smooth running machine and a smaller pair of jeans. What a nice way to begin the new year. Sweet pieced hearts in previous post :)