Saturday, December 8, 2012

Starry Eyed

I am finally starting my "Starry Eyed" quilt using Moda's "Countdown to Christmas".  I think that I have enough fabric to make two quilts but will probably make an extra large queen size.  I have all of the pieces cut and have started sewing some together.

I played golf this morning and ended up loosing 10 cents to my buddy Frieda!  I was down 40 cents after the first nine and then played my way even until the last hole.  It was fun to get outside for awhile.

I have some ham and bean soup simmering on the stove and plan to make some more cookies tonight.  Yum Yum lemon shortbread.


  1. Sounds good - boy are you ambitious! Love your little snowflakes falling on your blog page.

  2. Oh, I made my Starry Eyed quilt a couple of weeks ago and it's my favorite. Have fun.

  3. This is a beautiful quilt!

    We have been eating bean soup also... I wonder if Todd has a pot on the stove too?

    Your surprise is the size of a big placemat now. It gets bigger every day!



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