Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Good News/Bad News

The good news:  I had an email at 4 am this morning from Madame Samm, letting me know that I had won "1,000 Mizvahs" by Linda Cohen and $150 worth of Pellon products.  Aren't I lucky!!

The bad news:  I had to order a jelly roll of "California Girl" to finish my "Spools" quilt.  I need six more blocks to finish the last row and I couldn't find my stash of fabric.  It has to be in my craft room but who knows where!  I did get three rows sewn together while watching tv last night.

Thanks again Samm, Pellon and Linda!


  1. Such a lovely give away win. That's a lot of Pellon! Good for you!
    Didn't know about "1000 Mizvahs". I just viewed Linda's YouTube clip about her book. Very inspiring. Definitely a book I want to read.

  2. X! Fingers crossed you find your fabric!! Super win, congratulations.

    :) CArolyn

  3. You should have called. I have a whole fat quarter bundle of Calif Girl.