Saturday, May 18, 2013

How is Your Saturday Going?

Good afternoon, how is your Saturday going?  I have been a bit busy sewing, quilting and baking.  No golf today as there was two tournaments and we were between them.  We knew it was going to be very slow going, so we took the day off.  Once again, I have decided to do some custom quilting on one of my quilts.  It is going slow as well.  I made a cute little shoulder bag out of some Moda Sweetwater Reunion canvas and used some pink fabric for the lining.  It is rather small--only 13" x 14" but, rather cute!!

I sewed some borders and bindings on some works in progress and then decided that enough is enough and put my sewing away.

I still had plenty of time before having to start supper, so I made some heavenly apple cinnamon bread.  It will be a great dessert.

Talk to you tomorrow for Scrappy Sunday!


  1. Very cute shoulder bag! Great color... goes with everything! Enjoy your apple cinnamon bread... sounds yummy!

  2. Cutel,little bag, love the fabric. Apple cinnamon bread, yummy.