Monday, May 20, 2013

"Sweet Pea"

Ha, I didn't tell you that I am on vacation this week.  I have been dinking around today.  I made two more shoulder bags because when I finished the first one, I noticed that the print was upside down, not very professional!!  LOL.  Anyway, I can't show you a picture because it is for a blogging friend.

I sewed the binding to the quilt that I was custom quilting.  I should have it finished by Wednesday.  Tomorrow, I am playing in a golf tournament in Yakima.

And, finally, while dinking around, I decided to make Kathleen Tracy's "Sweet Pea".  I kept looking at the directions as I sewed but made a couple of placements different than Kathleen.    Oh WeLL!!


  1. You"dinky around" very well and always manage to get a lot done.

  2. Your Sweet Pea is very pretty. I still have that one on my list. Better get busy!

  3. Your Sweet Pea quilt turned out so pretty!
    Congrats on getting 2 more shoulder bags finished too!

  4. Love your Sweet Pea... changing around the fabric placement makes it uniquely your own!