Sunday, May 26, 2013

Week-end Wrap-up

Oh, boy, I hate this thought, but it is back to work on Tuesday!  I have thoroughly enjoyed my vacation.  I love sitting at the computer with several cups of coffee and take a tour through blogland.

So, to wrap-up the weekend, I finished my flimsy from Aunt Reen's Quilt Along.  I used Moda's "Punctuation".

I took the leftover blocks and stitched up a quick baby quilt.  I am pretty sure that I have some more fabric from this line, that I can sew a border on, before quilting!

And, while looking for some fabric yesterday, I found several little nine patches leftover from my Chippewa quilt and made a little table topper.

Rather then start something new, I think that I am finished for the day.  I may go make some cookies!

PS  I made blueberry, white chocolate scones and cowboy bar cookies!!


  1. You have been busy! Love all those colors and fabrics.
    A batch of cookies sounds like a good plan to me :D

  2. Busy, busy, busy, you may need to go back to work to get a rest. Love your zig zag quilt. I'm going to start on a small one tomorrow.

  3. Your quilt looks wonderful will be such a pretty quilt when completed!

    Have a great week!
    Nancy W.

  4. Yummy and that Aunt Reen's quilt turned out cute. Good you for having faith. I get to go back to work today so enjoy your extra day.

  5. Wow, you've been very productive during your vacation. Your Aunt 'Reen's quilt is adorable. I need to finish mine. Enjoy this final day of your vacation.

  6. Your Summer Breeze quilt from Doreen's Aunt Reen's Place sew along came out just gorgeous! I need to finish mine too !

  7. Your punctuation mystery looks great!

  8. I love Punctuation. I wonder if I still have any of it? Turned out so cute!

  9. I love how your Mystery quilt turned out! That fabric line is wonderful! Happy to hear you were able to make a baby quilt with your leftover blocks.

    I also love your 9 patch table topper - gorgeous!

  10. Just found your blog through Aunt Reen! I love your projects!! Ummmm - I need to make cookies too - can I come get some of yours!!