Sunday, January 5, 2014

Baby, It Is Cold Outside!!

It has been way too cold for golfing since early December.  Therefore, I have been spending a lot of time in my sewing room and down in the dungeon!  Mostly though, I have been sewing on bindings and using up some of my stash!!  This first little quilt is by Buttermilk Basin and is called "Hint of Fall Quilt".  I think that the fabric that is used is from one of "The Collection For a Cause" collections. (I had both of these flimsies pressed before I went outside, I swear!!)

The second quilt is a tutorial from Missouri Quilt Company and is made from a layer cake called "Farmer's Market".  I didn't really like the fabric when I got it but I think that it worked great with this pattern.

Sew, the rest of my day will be spent watching football and puttering in my sewing room.

PS  The Quilt Police have been trying to tell me that I need to take pictures of my quilts outside, for the natural light.  I don't think that these pics today turning out very well.  Maybe, after they are quilted!!!!


  1. The Quilt police don't have any influence over the weather so sometimes we have to take photos indoors!

  2. There are no Quilt Police! Only imposters. Don't fall for their sham. Only do what is right for YOU!!

  3. It's going to be too cold for the Quilting Police to enforce this rule, a rule I didn't know about by the way. Lol.

  4. The Quilt Police?!!?!?!? Sigh!

  5. The Buttermilk Basin "Hint of Fall" pattern is one of my favorite patterns... I'd love to make a large quilt using that block... someday!
    The Quilt Police are not allowed in my home...