Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Countdown?!

It is Friday and so far I have had a busy day with more to come.  While vacuuming, I opened up my sewing machine and sucked out all the dust and then oiled it!   I got my chores down and ran to the doctor's office to use their digital scales.  I am down 28 lbs since the first of November.  My friend from work and I have challenged each other to loss as much as we can until March 1.  Although, the ultimate goal is a healthier lifestyle!   Each week, if we have lose, we kick in $5 and if we have gained, we kick in $10. We will take our "winnings' and have a spa day!

I finished sewing the binding on my little Valentine Twist-it topper.

Last night, I finished up a little table topper made with "Little Black Dress" scraps.  I did have to buy some more Bella Solids to be able to finish the topper and Granny Squares!   I am planning on making another Granny Squares quilt with the rest of my black strips.

I belong to a small group of ladies who are just beginning to sew.  I made a sample "Snap Purse" for our next meeting.  I will help with the instructions, sort of a roving instructor!!

I have a "Dell" computer technician coming this afternoon to fix my computer.  I get the blue screen of death about once or twice an hour AND, the computer is still under warranty!!  I need to spend a little time copying my files to my flash drive.

It's Prosser Farmer's Market tomorrow, golf on Sunday, and then the Seahawk Championship game Sunday afternoon.  Until, next time, thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. Your very busy day will flow into the weekend from the sounds of it! Love the Valentine twister and the other quick projects... how fun to make the snap purse... Will you be teaching this to the other ladies?
    Go Seahawks... since the 49ers's knocked the Packers out I'll be cheering for Russell Wilson!

  2. What a great idea about putting in money for weight loss and then having a spa day! I really like your heart table topper.

  3. Is the snap purse like the one from the retreat? Those looked like fun! Like the 'Little Black Dress' topper!
    Bought fabric on Ebay today. Starting early on John's xmas order. I showed him a panel I was planning to use for one of the grandkids - he wants it for his camper. The panel is from Riley's Camp A Lot.
    xoxoxo V