Wednesday, September 3, 2014

It's Official

Yesterday was my official last day of work, although, I did very little!!  I did help mix up some chemicals in the morning.  My replacement moved his stuff out of my old office sew that I could use it for the day.  Thanks Marcos!  We had a nice catered lunch .  My boss did an excellent job at organizing the party and the surprises!  I received a crystal bowl that is engraved with:  "Live Well, Laugh Often, and Love Retirement"!  I also received personalized M&M's (Golf Greens with flags, "Retired and Loving it", "Congratulations" and "It's My Time Now")  I also got a gift card from the company and a gift card from my co-workers.  I will miss those guys!

Although I said that I was finished making fall quilts and table toppers, I finished this mini Bear Claw for the monthly "Prairie Children and Their Quilts" sew along.

And this quilt is called "Midnight Stars" from Red Door Designs.  It is not totally fall colors but the black background fabric has orange, red, and yellow dots on it!

Sew, I am off to take a walk and then shred some zucchini for the freezer and for lemon zucchini cake today!


  1. Congrats!! So nice that you have worked with such lovely people. I hear retirement is a big change - but you'll love it. Love the star quilt with the dot background.

  2. Wow, beautiful bowl. Is it full of the m&m's, buttons, cookies or golf balls?


  3. Congrats on your Retirement! How nice to have worked for such a caring company. Enjoy your golfing......

  4. Yeah Sandy. Good for you. Cute quilts and zucchini sounds great. Yum yum! I hear you and Vicki switched to week one, so we will be at the retreat together again =)

  5. happy you joined the club!! xxoo

  6. So glad they gave you a nice and well deserved sen off at work. You will miss the people but you're close enough to stay in touch. Congrats!!


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