Monday, September 8, 2014

OK, I lied!

I said that I was finished making fall quilts, but I keeping finding patterns that are so cute.  Plus, some of the fall fabric is BEAUTIFUL!

I still have not figured out a morning routine when I am not golfing.  I really don't want to sit down to the sewing machine first thing.  It has been dark when I have gotten up, and too early for a walk. I have already had coffee, finished the binding on the above quilt, and vacuumed and oiled my sewing machine.   Sew, here I sit, trying to decide what to work on.  Will catch up with you later!


  1. Love those fabrics! I wish I had your dilemma. I would read blogs and surf, or maybe knit or crochet to start the day? You can come clean my house if you'd like. I won't even complain if the vacuum is running too early.

  2. Wow, Sandy has a cleaning business - she can clean my house too...

    Love you!

  3. I'm sure you'll settle into a retired person routine soon. Good on you for still getting up early and being productive. Enjoy your retirement. I have a lot of years before I can be less committed to work.