Sunday, January 8, 2012

My meds haven't kicked in yet so I did some sewing today!  Although Jen may not think so, I worked on her quilt today as well as a few other little projects. I made three pillowcases, two which will go to the Humane Society for prizes.  I made a second "12 Days of Christmas" and while I was rummaging through a box of fabric, I found four blocks that I stitched together to make a nice little table topper.

Matching Pair

Just one Chicken Pillowcase

Little Leftover Table Topper
"12 Days of Christmas" #2
Supper is over and I am going to watch some golf, go to bed early and go to work at midnight.

PS No new fabric was bought for my little projects today.  All came from my stash!


  1. I remember when your Mom passed away. I found out how it felt a year ago today. Staying busy...staying busy... You would be proud of me this weekend: finished a table topper (log cabin pattern), put together a quilted chicken, backing picked out for quilt that has been waiting..waiting.

  2. The pillowcase made with the chicken wire fabric would be good for a chicken lover like me.