Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Today is January 4, 2012 and I have already blown my plan to buy fabric ONLY to finish up an existing idea/project..  I stopped by "Cupcakes n Daisies" this morning, saw this quilt and knew that I had to make it!!!

This will make the third project with Moda's "Countdown to Christmas" (who could resist!) AND I still have some fabric left.  I hunted around and found what I needed on Etsy, on sale.  I want to thank Thelma, Angela, the Moda Bake Shop, The Sproutz Store and Carries Fabric on Etsy for leading me astray!  Just kidding!

For those who don't know me very well, I am a bit obsessive and last night I dug through my stash and found enough fabric to cut six pillowcases.  I also cut a bunch of doggie fabric to make my annual donation to the Humane Society.  And, no, I did not work on Jen's quilt.


  1. No guilt-----at least you made it until Jan 3rd. Think of all the fabric you used from your stash------think of it as replacement fabric. What do you do for the Humane Society? I just rescued my little dachshund from NTHS on the 14th of Dec.

  2. I say it's okay to buy fabric if you're actually using it, not just placing it in stash. So you're doing great!

  3. You may have bought some fabric, but you are using fabric like crazy. Pillow cases take a lot of fabric! And are so appreciated.
    (Love the new quilt project, too.)

  4. Sandy, You started another project with your scraps and discovered you need just a 'little' bit more to finish. That way, it falls into your 'buying to complete' rule for the new year.

    Love this pattern. I'm still working on the Christmas mug rugs I didin't finish before Christmas.

    Love you, Vicki, the sister


  5. Wow... love this pattern! It's going to be a stunning Quilt! At least you were able to pull a lot of the fabrics out of your stash for this one! Great Job!
    6 Pillowcases???? You've been one busy gal!

  6. HI

    I am in the progress of making this same quilt too ! Looking forward to seeing your progress. Just love this fabric and pattern !