Saturday, January 21, 2012

So, the big question is did she or did she not finish Jen's quilt.  Well, a funny thing happened on the journey.  I have lost two rows of the quilt, or did I ever make them?  I have been trying to clean my room and I may have put the two rows somewhere for "safe" keeping. 

I got called into work last night and took my sewing machine, fabric, iron, cutting board, etc. with me.  I then work on my quilting in between testing.  So, about 11 pm, as I am sewing two rows together, I am thinking only two rows to go.  AND all the pieces have been sewn, so I figure a piece of cake.  Just sew the blocks together and I am ready to quilt.  Now, if I can't find my missing rows, I have four rows to go!

Here are some pics of two lap quilts that I finished stitching together.  Last week I found 16 finished and leftover blocks of pink Moda's "Blush" from a quilt that I made a couple of years ago.  I brought them upstairs, added them to the pile and stitched the blocks together yesterday and have a nice pink baby blanket.

I also finished up a quilt top that I will donate to the Humane Society for their spring auction.

And finally, I stitched up another pillowcase for family.

So, to answer the question:  did she or didn't she, the answer is NO, DAMMIT!

PS  Please note that I work in manufacturing, not medicine.  No lives were in danger because I was sewing between tests!


  1. I have the binding pinned on 4 mug rugs and I am putting that box away. You are putting me to shame.
    I must get back into production! Babies are coming that need quilts! Up, Vicki, go cut and sew! Up, Vicki, Up!

    Love the Blush and the snowball quilts. More great finishes for the busy Rowe sister!

    Love you xoxo

  2. I am laughing out loud at your post. Seriously though, any time we get to sew, even it we don't finish, it's a good thing.
    Take care.

  3. Sweet baby blanket. LOVE the pillow case!!

  4. HI your pink glad you are in our wonky group...cannot wait to see what you all have done...nice treat to hop over here ..

  5. But are you manufacturing medical equip?...LOL...couldn't help myself there. You are one busy busy stitcher. I'm quite jealous actually. Love that baby quilt top.