Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yesterday, I reduced my quilting pile by 8 quilts, although three were just mini and three were just panels that I generally quilt for to the "Linus Project".  Vicki, your quilts have moved up the pile!

This morning, I am stitching the binding on and will put them on my hand stitch pile.  This afternoon, I will finish two cat pillowcases, one more dog pillowcase (for the humane society crab feed raffle!) and work on Jen's quilt.  I am going to stitch some blocks together to see how many more blocks that I need to piece.

Cat Pillowcases

Flannel Pillowcases for Vonda
Vintage Trailer Pillowcases (For Sale on Etsy)

Tiny Pillowcase for Vicki
 I hope that you had a productive week end as well.

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  1. I love my pillow case!!! I can hardly wait for your visit to see what else you have done. It's kinda like Christmas waiting to see what returns home. They're gone long enough I sometimes forget what I've sent you. Be clear, I am NOT complaining. I know I am spoilt. I know I have the best sister ever.
    Love you, Vicki